1) REGISTER an Account at the Star Alliance & Download the SIM ACARS Client.

2) When You Recieve Your Account Information Create a New Virtual Airline (VA) in SIM ACARS:

Use the Callsign & Password Assigned to You
The VA Name is Star Alliance
The VA ACARS URL is:          http://paradiseaviation.ga/vam/



1) Set up your flight inside the SIM and in the FSE Client (if applicable).

* If using FSE with Star Allaince, always start the FSE Client before logging into Star Alliance with SIM ACARS

2) Open SIM ACARS and log in to the VA 'Star Alliance'.

3) Enter the Departure & Destination Airport ICAO, a Flight ID and the Aircraft ICAO (3 letter ICAO Codes may require a SPACE at the end).

4) Click "Start Track" under Connection to the SIM.

5) After you are finished with the flight click "End Flight", and then "Send Report".

* Clicking "New Flight" will disconnect you from the Star Alliance inside your SIM ACARS Client



Our system compensates pilots for thier virtual flights by paying them virtual currency. Since our system interfaces with FSEconomy, the unit of currency we pay is equal to a unit of FSE currency. In fact, any Alliance or Flight Sim Network credit or currency balances can be converted to FSEconomy currency on request (minimum payout of $v10000), or by automated means should we decide to offer that option, but there is no real world value and credit / currency can only be used in methods or manners matching our intentions.

All pilots will be paid an hourly rate for flights recorded in our system, that amount is based on the rate for your current rank and multiplied by the rating for that flight. For example, if your pay rate is $v200/hr and you recorded a 1 hour (real time) flight with a rating of 90%, you would be paid $v180. See 'More Advanced Flights' and 'Flying & Creating Routes" below for information on how qualified pilots can earn more for certain types of flights.



Qualified pilots (with more than 25 hours) can request Alliance Pilot status. If approved, new types of flights become available when flying Alliance Registered Aircraft to or from at least one Alliance Operated Facility. SIM ACARS will recognize when a pilot is at an Airport where a Registered Aircraft is located, and will then offer the ability to select that aircraft for a flight. A pilot can also elect to Change Location (Pilot Options), this will allow the pilot to immediatly move to a new location, but a charge will later be applied for that action ($v50 to $v100, based on the distance moved). If the flight using a Registered Aircraft in this manner vists two Alliance FBOs, a generic value is paid for Passengers and Cargo (within the realistic capacity of the aircraft). If only one Alliance FBO is visited, that rate is cut in half, and if no Alliance Facilities are visited, no payment of made for the load carried on that leg. See 'How can My FBOs become Alliance Facilities' below for more information on Alliance FBOs and how your FBO's can be included.


FLYING & CREATING ROUTES (still in beta)

Alliance Pilots can also Fly existing Routes, and Create thier own Routes under certain conditions. Flying existing routes works similar to using a Registered Aircraft where you need to be at the Departure Location for the Route, and a Registered Aircraft must also exist at that Airport. If these conditions have been met, you will be able to Book the Route (Pilot Options). Once booked you will also be able to Sync the Load with FSE (your FSE XML Access Key must be provided either when you registered, or updated by an Alliance Administrator for FSE Integration to work). Once your flight is configured and started in FSE, when you login to SIM ACARS it will offer to load the Route Information automatically (you would accept to fly the Route).

To Create a Route, a pilot must be at an Alliance Operated facility or the Destination must be an Alliance FBO (or both); The Departure Location must also have a Registered Aircraft. If those conditions are met, the pilot will be able to Create a New Route that will immediatly be available for all pilots to use.



Since all Alliance Payouts are backed by FSEconomy Currency, some of the income used to pay pilots is generated when pilots use FBO's that are owned by the operators of the Alliance. As such, all FBO's owned by Paradise Logistics ★ are also Alliance Operated Facilities. With that in mind, the Alliance Operators will consider (on a case basis) deals to become a partner at member FBO's inside FSEconomy, once a lot is owned by Paradise Logistics ★, the airport will be recognized as an Alliance Operated Facility.

Also on a case basis, FSE Flight Groups using the system can petition to have a HUB (or Hubs) added to the Alliance. All Hubs are also considered Alliance Operated Facilities.

Other methods being considered would be a way to buy in, or to have (at least temporary) Hub Status be granted to Flight Groups as a prize in an Allaince Operated Contest.


* These instructions are a work in progress, if you see mistakes or innacuracies, please report them so the document can be updated...

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